Who We Are!

We are Lifestyle INC Photography & Media.
We are photographers.courteous.geeks.mostly harmless.special.artists.hairy.happy.polite.insane.borg.god like.lost.resourceful.honest.oblivious.professional.


lifestyle (ˈlaɪfˌstaɪl) INC (ink) :

      :- 2 boys playing at being grown up and sometimes getting away with it. 


We love toys. We also love gadgets, music, films, new ideas, zombies, being creative, tattoos, beards, nice shoes and loud shirts. We love being our own boss and we get really excited about being different, yet above all we love Photography. We aren’t just saying that as an angle to get you to hire us for a job. We genuinely love Photography. We’ve been doing it for ages and even if we hadn’t started this business we would still be taking photos…and making the odd video. For us, Photography is fun and we love having fun.

On a more serious note (sorry), we’ve spent most of our adult lives working with people, learning how to understand businesses, managing projects, improving product flow, increasing quality and reducing costs and…blah, blah, blah. Sounds pretty boring doesn’t it! The thing we are trying to get across is that we have around 40 years experience in how to do a job right. We understand what you want and how you want it done. We know how to provide you with a first class product and luckily for you, when we became tired of working for other people we combined this experience with our passion for Photography and that is how Lifestyle INC came to be.

Now we could fill the rest of this page with more boring stuff, designed to make you think that we are better than the next person and you’d be a fool not to use us to provide you with world class photos and videos, however we’re not going to do that…we want you to have a look around our site and if you like what you see just get in touch. In the meanwhile, below are a couple of pictures that will give you an idea of how beautiful we are and a little bit of writing that will help you to understand how much contempt we have for each other. Enjoy.


Richard on James


“James is weird. Fact. How else would he understand my humour and put up with my little quirks?

I’m glad he’s weird though. I couldn’t work with someone who didn’t see the world in the way I do. Yes he works in a different way to me, yes his office wouldn’t look out of place on a reality TV programme discussing ‘Hoarders’, yes he has terrible taste in shoes, but he knows what I’m thinking. He sees the same thing as me and pushes me in the right direction. When we work together it feels like I’m working with an extension of myself.…and this is why it works. By joining together as a unit we offer such a variety of skills and opinions that even thinking about working solo again sends shivers down my spine.

I’ve got to wrap it up here though, not just because I’ve met the quota set on number of words we agreed to use, but because being this nice makes me feel a little bit sick. However, I will end it on a pleasant note;

James is an utter Gimboid…but I like his shirts.”

James on Richard

20150621_121107“So what can I say about my business partner? He’s tall, awkward and ginger but has a wicked taste in music. That said, he is the best business partner you could ask for. We can do anything we put our minds to; from a low-key photo shoot to weddings or festivals. When we’re working together, no challenge is too big.

Richard makes life so straight forward and his relaxed approach and lively personality makes each day a breeze. We have both accomplished so much since we started working together; we have refined our styles of work and the company has really moved in a positive direction.

So, just to wrap things up; I love knowing I have someone to support me and I have never felt such a nerd as when we are assessing our next project and Richard turns and says “that’s your department!” (like when we need to build a camera boom with gimbal in two weeks!)

One thing I’ll never understand though; Richards Facebook account states that he’s a girl!? I’ll let you decide.”